The design is able to build extraordinary experiences in the relationship of people with their environment. From the different areas of work (spaces, objects and communication) core principles are necessary to govern these disciplines that are worked with a critical perspective and humanistic responding to the challenges of contemporary society.

Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation Steve Jobs.

Strategies of thought, formal logic, sustainability and respect in the use of media and materials should be encouraged through observation and engagement with the socio-cultural environment of the moment, adapting new creations to current situations, so that relationships between users and objects designed have an emotional value, sensitive, functional and physical.

From the School of Design of Aragón, design is encouraged as a tool of engagement and social interaction, based on the spread and development of the design languages implemented through innovation projects.

The teacher commitment connects with the European school models framed within the European Higher Education Area. The management and organization formulas are based on reflection on common issues, promoting solutions through the development of interactive methods where the educational community becomes a participant in a joint project with the sole purpose of training skilled professionals through quality education